Adobe Photoshop Course

The professional course in Adobe Photoshop provides a comprehensive overview of the software and creative tools used for professional photo editing. After completing the course, students will be ready to work independently and professionally in Adobe Photoshop. They will have the opportunity to learn about different special effects in Photoshop including all kinds of manipulation, image editing, and other types of knowledge that will be useful in students’ future work.


Interactive online program or in person

The program is available both online and in person. For the interactive online program, students get a link to join prior to every class. The benefit of the online program is that it is available wherever you are. If you missed a class, don’t worry, as you will also receive a video recording. These video recordings in the online program also help you go back and re-watch the same class again.


Project that you will create
  • Poster, web banner, and T-shirt design for video games or movies
  • Poster, book cover, and booklet for a book, magazine, or other form of publication
  • Billboards, posters, and pamphlets for a specific product
  • Corporate designs for companies (booklet, memorandum, logo, and business card)
  • Marketing campaign for a movie, game, or event (fashion show, exhibition, party) consisting of three different posters that will match each other


Access to platform

Once you sign up, you will be added to a platform with the rest of the students and the lecturer. Here you will find interesting and helpful materials and resources.

  • Basic elements and concepts in Graphic Design
  • Development of a final design portfolio
  • Learning the art board in Adobe Photoshop
  • Work with layers
  • Correction and improvement of digital photo
  • Masks and channels
  • Techniques of vector draw
  • Computer animations
  • Portfolio creation

In Macedonian Language


• Maja Cvetkova

Adobe Certified Photoshop Lecturer, more than 20 years of experience as Graphic Design lecturer in various Academies. Adobe Certified Expert in Illustrator, Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign.


In Albanian Language


• Riard Rexhepi in

Founder and Creative Director at Elunas Marketing. More than 8 years of experience in the visual design industry.


• Vullnet Limani in

Founder of GoldFinger, Android Developer, video producer, and visualist.

Пријави се тука и доби бесплатен час за избраната програма.


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Академијата започнува на 23-ти Март

Рокот за пријавување на апликации истекува заклучно со 18-ти Март


1.5 Months (30 lecturing hours)

Плати на 3 рати


Macedonian & Albanian

Онлајн/класична настава




Помош при вработување после завршувањето на Курсот

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