Google Ads Course

The advanced course of Google Ads is created to help individuals develop a professional knowledge of working with the advertising model of Google. This is a carefully selected program that includes a focus on working on real campaigns alongside the course so that students will have the confidence to work with this model professionally in future.

This is an advanced course; however, it starts from scratch. Even students with no previous knowledge can attend this program.


Interactive online program or in person

The program is available both online and in person. For the interactive online program, students get a link to join prior to every class. The benefit of the online program is that it is available wherever you are. If you missed a class, don’t worry, as you will also receive a video recording. These video recordings in the online program also help you go back and re-watch the same class again.


Project that you will create
  • Google Display network campaign
  • Google Search network campaign
  • In-depth knowledge on research
  • Create Ad report


Access to platform

Once you sign up, you will be added to a platform with the rest of the students and the lecturer. Here you will find interesting and helpful materials and resources.

  • A brief intro into the digital era of Google
  • Introduction into PPC platforms
  • Basic terminology
  • Connecting Google Ads with the global business goal
  • Google consumer moments
  • Walking through the steps of setting a GSN campaign
  • Google display campaign
  • Analyzing examples of successful GDN creatives
  • Keywords
  • Keyword research, keyword types
  • Bidding
  • Account structure
  • User persona
  • Ads and their elements
  • Structure of search ads
  • Ad extensions
  • Create hypothesis
  • Customize the ads
  • Top 3 Google Ads reports
  • Search query report
  • Ads report
  • Report by segment
  • Homework and final project

In Macedonian Language


In Albanian Language


• Ina Limani in

Digital Marketing expert certified in Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Bing Ads, with years of experience in different markets and industries and a Master of Science degree in Marketing Management. Also proficient in Search Engine Optimization and Facebook Advertising.

Пријави се тука и доби бесплатен час за избраната програма.


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1 Month (14 lecturing hours)

Плати на 3 рати


Macedonian & Albanian

Онлајн/класична настава




Помош при вработување после завршувањето на Курсот

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