Public Relations Course

The introductory course in PR provides an introduction to the basic history, theories, principles, and methods of public relations practice and corporate communications. The scope of the course is intended to examine and present the nature of various public relations audiences and the different channels used to reach them. After the completion of the course, the students will be able to understand public relations, the functioning of corporate communications in an international company, and how to create internal and external communication plans. They will develop a sense for communication toward the external audience and the employees within the organizations, create communication plans, as well as execute PR campaigns through various communication channels.

The students will have the opportunity to gain experience and new approaches in creating communication plans and strategies, develop their sense for strategic thinking in communications and event planning, and learn how to address the audience through various channels.

This course can be taken by anyone, even with no prior knowledge.


Interactive online program or in person

The program is available both online and in person. For the interactive online program, students get a link to join prior to every class. The benefit of the online program is that it is available wherever you are. If you missed a class, don’t worry, as you will also receive a video recording. These video recordings in the online program also help you go back and re-watch the same class again.


Project that you will create
  • Write a PR text
  • Create a PR campaign
  • Create a PR Plan
  • Create a media buying campaign


Access to platform

Once you sign up, you will be added to a platform with the rest of the students and the lecturer. Here you will find interesting and helpful materials and resources.

Introduction of PR and Corporate Communications
  • Introduction to PR (definition)
  • Introduction to corporate communications
  • Functionalities of PR and corporate communications
  • Corporate communications vs. marketing communications
  • PR & corporate communications members (characteristics)
  • Strategic planning
  • Target audiences
  • Communication messages
  • Communication channels


Internal Communications
  • Introduction of internal communications
  • Why and how to communicate?
  • Communication messages and audiences
  • Internal communication channels
  • External communication


Introduction of External Communication
  • External communication tools and structure in organizations and institutions
  • Media communication
  • Press conferences
  • Event management


Analysis and Planning
  • Analysis and planning definition
  • Analytical insight and recommendations based on practice
  • Lessons learned


Media Buying
  • Preparing a press release
  • Structure of a Media Agency
  • Media Strategy

In Macedonian Language


• Emilija Zografska in

Experienced Head of Corporate Communications with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Crisis Management, Negotiation, Business Planning, Media Relations, and Proposal Writing.


• Ivona Galic Petkov in

PR Manager with a great deal of experience in Corporate Communications and Public Relations. Skilled in CSR, Crisis Management, Media Relations, and Proposal Writing.


In Albanian Language


• Valentina Gara in

Experienced Public Relations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry. Skilled in Translation, Corporate Communications, Risk Management, Client Orientation, Corporate Image, and Presentations.


• Valon Ibraimi in

More than 10 years of experience in marketing within big corporations in management positions. Head of PR at New Moment, New Ideas Company.

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1 Month (15 lecturing hours)

Плати на 3 рати


Macedonian & Albanian

Онлајн/класична настава




Помош при вработување после завршувањето на Курсот

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