Предавај во Creative Hub

Are you a professional with advanced knowledge, years of experience and a passion for giving back to society? Here at Creative Hub we work with lecturers from all around the world.

Wherever you are you can join Creative Hub and be share your knowledge.

Our lecturers have years of experience, executive background in their fields and are passionate for impact. Sharing your knowledge with young fellows who aim to be where you are now will make an impact to the society. This is our way to contribute!

If you are passionate about this, we encourage you to apply at our lecturer’s program.

Please be advised that we tend to work with experienced professionals and people who want to join our community and make impact.

This is a paid opportunity.

If you want to apply for this, please attach a cover letter and CV explaining in which program you would like to lecture, what is your proposal on program and practical exercises, what are your years of experience and knowledge.



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